Monday, September 19, 2005

The Human Factor invalidates KM

For those of you out of the technology loop, KM stands for Knowledge Management, a buzz word created in the late nineties to imply a practice within IT to implement a set of software tools with the goal of centralizing and controlling information, documents, etc in a given organization.
The "human factor" I am referring to is the deep willingness and commitment or BUY IN from people to contribute, dialogue, share ideas and think together which generates true COLLABORATION. KM tries to impose rules, complexity and control in the same autocratic structure over people and process (es) to generate creative ideas, without addressing the need to create an environment where people feel comfortable and motivated to brainstorm ideas to flow freely with minimum restrictions (Brainstorming). In P.Senge’s book (The Fifth Discipline) it is explained as “Tapping peoples life long learning willingness and commitment” much like the Ipod did by tapping into peoples need to enjoy their freedom of hearing any song they wanted at any time with a simple, intuitive and revolutionary interface and it gave them a tool to be creative and come up with new products like Pod Casts. It is a good example on why information (if you want to innovate) cannot be controlled hence my statement about the human factor invalidating KM. In these pages, I will be explaining the reasons why I arrived to this conclusion through practice implementing "knowledge management" tools and technology dealing with terabytes of information through out the years. We need to understand more what knowledge is to come out with a simple way to create new tools that allows us to successfully take advantage of our own knowledge.

If you find errors in my writing ( I am not a writer) please let me know (Actually this is my first book in English), and kindly point it out in the comments area and I will make sure it gets corrected.

Welcome again....! it is a fascinating journey.


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