Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Some thoughts

I've been trying to update Wikipedia, but I see that you have to have a "encyclopedic" term to be left alone. What I find distressing is that people who studied a lot about philosophy thinks they have the knowledge and or somehow want to hijack the term. I would like to remind them that they only have a lot of information. Knowledge only comes when they practice all that theory they learned. Then again, I will describe knowledge in practical terms later... conclusion, is no easy task to make them open their mind to something not covered by epistemology...

I love wikipedia. I think is great and they have done a tremendous job. But I think they've lost track on how the collaboration can be better handled. I realize is no easy task, but they are showing us through practice at least how to start doing it. What I mean is you'll understand something when you learn a theory and then practice it. It is very confusing and complicated the writings you find in their knowledge page. There is no simplicity and no subdivision of the term. I hope I can help a little in these pages with material from the practice of implementing knowledge rather than just thinking about it. Maybe someday someone will take Wikipedia to a new level, where collaboration takes into account the majority of people through a voting system.


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