Friday, November 11, 2005

Creativity and Innovation

It occurred to me that the way to handle the perpetual question of how do we promote creativity in a system, would be to grant access in the opposite direction as we are accustomed to see. Huh?

In current organizations and specially the intelligence comunity, the higher you are in the structure, the more access you have to critical, confidential, secret information. So very few people actually see what is really important. That might be a big problem. The higher you are from the ground, the less you can actually see , and observe any detail.

Yes, by granting more and more access to people who are :
1- Closer to the customer 2- Experts or heavy contributors to the system, we might generate the push needed for the "small" people to be more productive , hence innovative. But based in the methodology reviewed earlier of "learning organization" the focus has to shift from individuals to teams. The entire team has to have the same access level to information. I am simplifying the structure down to two phases. The one where you create, modify and refine and then execute, we'll call it private phase. The moment you share the results of what you created, we'll call that public phase . A simple way for people to understand how you can create new knowledge in an enterprise.


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