Friday, November 11, 2005

Collaboration in the future.

I've been thinking what the future would bring in terms of devices allowing us to communicate and collaborate better. We need to create an all powerful media device that allows us to use any kind of current communications method. The main question I ask is how voice, video, email and chat will converge into something powerful yet simple enough to allow ubiquity and action anywhere we are. A cell telephone is the place to start. The way it is designed and specially the screen size and functionality are the most important factors. Digital screens that flex are a reality today. I can envision a device that has two sides and you can have a chat, conference, etc on one side, and in the other you can send, receive, share documents, text, etc and be connected to our system at the same time. I recently saw Nokia concept on foldable phones that can be even wrapped around your wrist. It would be extremely useful to have this flexibility. The future looks pretty exciting and positive.


Blogger lemora said...

I think these KM thoughts apply strongly from a philosophical standpoint discussion that´s very necessary for a bricks-and-bolts implementation because of the foundation needed to elevate people´s awareness of the world. And I mean the World. People in USA knowing but really knowing how people in Brazil, Africa, Asia behaves, sell, competes, interrelate to each other. People in Europe understanding and Doing things to get poorer countries wealthier.

Point here I think is the foundation for knowledge management no matter how to implement is to raise to new levels humanity in a global way, no matter who is involved with it: read it companies, multinationals, governments, so the spectrum of this is so huge but so "profitable" in any term you look at it, and technology is every day getting closer and closer to more people (in Colombia cell phones have reached the 25Million-user mark in 1 year, and Colombia is a 42Million people country) that it is possible now to channel this philosophy through this gadgets..Let´s talk about this !!

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