Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What is the solution?

The solution falls in understanding the concept of knowledge in a non philosophical way.

Once we do that, we can explain a funding company or investor how we can create this technology platform for any organization to use.

A feasible goal is 100% Collaboration from 100% of people. This means letting information flow more freely and having all people share ideas. Many organizations believe that moving quickly will always keep you in the front, but I would say based on systems theories that it does not always apply -- the quickest theory I mean.

To accomplish collaboration you'll likely need:
Clear Concepts: By carefully using the right words with the right meaning which is understood by the team, you will have fewer problems later resolving them.
Better Leadership: Without better leadership we cannot pretend to go from point A to point B.
You'll need a New Framework (Learning Organizations) and Different model to work on if you want to be successful at having your employees contribute willingly to any technological platform. By combining a set of theories and practice, the Learning Organization model and it's disciplines are a clear path for tomorrow's organizational success.
Different and complete set of priorities L-V-S-P-R-S: By learning how to connect Leadership with Solutions, you can have a clear understanding on what the path should look like. Leaders primarily role is to create a Vision. That vision is the point where you want to go. To do this it must follow a set of Strategies based on facts and information about where you are and where you want to be. Then, you move to transforming those strategies into detailed policies and flows(processes) about how you want it done, what are the rules, and what are the exceptions to those rules and any special situation you can think of. The result can be then translated into a set of requirements that will detail the solution in a NON TECHNICAL LANGUAGE. Then and only then, you can call the technical experts to help you find out HOW to build the solution with TOOLS available or create new tools if nothing else is available.
Successful thinking model: By successful --as we saw before-- it means learning to define the why, what, where, how in a specific order. It means getting rid of the "Quick fix" mentality.
Collaboration is only fully effective in a “Learning Organization.


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